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Taking on an 'oarsome' challenge"

Excitement is building as plans for a unique fundraising challenge which also promises to be one hellava ‘boys own’ adventure come together for the ‘launch’ at the end of the month. Although, one of the team will be working much harder than the others and they’re not very sure yet what they’re eating on their month-long sojourn. University of Otago commerce student and New Zealand rowing representative Ben Mason will head out of the Viaduct Harbour, Auckland on Wednesday, July 28 with the goal making a 1,000km sponsored row to raise funds for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. He will be followed closely by his support crew – Brian Walker (skipper), father Ted Mason and good family friend Nayland (Bean) Smith - on board Brian’s 1999 Teknicraft Powercat, Picking Daisies. “I’m pretty excited it’s all coming together …there’s waves of excitement and waves of nerves, usually the excitement wins out,” Ben said. “We have a very experienced team, with a large skill set across a few people.” The venture has been in the planning stages for . . .
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Taking on an 'oarsome' challenge
Postcard from Gough Island
Rally affords 20 years of adventures
Play 'wish list' for all ages put forward
And it's three cheers for Omarama!
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Lunchtime 'thinking' session spurs action

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