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Sabrina's taking us to the skies

Not only has she adopted this place as her own, but she is determined to take our name to the skies. Last month, German-born glider pilot Sabrina Schels set a new New Zealand women’s gliding record for speed over a 100km out-and-return task, with a best speed of 171.77 km/h. And on Tuesday she had confirmation she has cracked the 200km out and back record. But she has her horizons set even higher. “I hope to break some important New Zealand records,” she says in that pragmatic way of hers. But then sheer enthusiasm ripples to the surface. “I want to show the world that New Zealand is a superb gliding country. I’m going to fly for New Zealand. New Zealand is my home and I want to give something back.” She has her sights set on gliding records not yet attempted by female pilots. “I want to fill the gaps.” In gliding, women are permitted to challenge men’s records. “Which is really quite cool.” Her aim next is to gain the appropriate licences to do this, meaning all records she sets will be flown for New Zealand. Originally from Bavaria, Germany, Sabrina trained as an environmental engineer before coming to New Zealand and to flying school in Omarama, in 2015. She gained her residency about two years ago and works as a flying instructor for Glide Omarama. She and partner Dan McCormack oversee Glide Omarama’s winter Continued from page one flying programme...
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We're going places!

This September Issue of the Omarama Gazette marks an important stage in its progress.
From this issue, we are including Otematata community news.  The long-serving editor of the Otematata Chronicle, Kate Frost, is retiring from the position and asked if the Gazette could be part of a team to share its news.
Yes, of course, and welcome neighbours! 
We're taking this step-by-step to see how it grows...any and all suggestions welcome. 

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