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Airfield company cautiously optimistic

Despite obvious challenges lurking at the horizon the Omarama Airfield Company is looking forward to this year’s soaring season with cautious optimism. And that is buoyed by the prospects of a good return on the land it has decided to subdivide and sell to build financial reserves. The council-controlled organisation’s chairperson Clive Geddes said its annual report had recently been filed with Waitaki District Council and the company had adopted its budget for the year ahead. It was a budget which allowed for “a very slight element of growth compared to last year.” It was still “quite conservative” because the company was not anticipating a large increase in activity on the airfield because of the Covid situation. “Our priority remains maintaining the standard of the airfield - that is, making sure that it's . . .
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Airfield company cautiously optimistic
Soaring season off to a 'flying start'
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Loch Laird Update - What does it cost?
Long-time service acknowledged
What direction should we take?
Covid restrictions force postponement
Omarama Minute by minute
Residents record approval ratings

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